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This is documentation for psiturk v3. Documentation for psiturk v2 can be found here.

Welcome to psiTurk’s documentation. To learn more about the project, please visit

To actually use psiTurk, you’ll first need to install it on your local computer or server. Instructions can be found on the Installation page. Afterwards, head over to our Quickstart.

For a more detailed tutorial demonstrating how to setup a simple experiment with psiTurk, visit Example project walkthrough. Also, check out the Experiment Exchange for examples to learn from, including demonstrations of integration with jspsych.

Migrating from psiturk 2 to psiturk 3? See the Migrating from psiTurk 2 to 3 guide.

User’s Guide


See the github repo README for how to cite usage of psiTurk.