Getting setup with is a cloud-based system which provides users with information about their hits (who has accepted the hit, where they are located, etc…) and which provides a SSL-signed secure Ad server (ensuring that the majority of Workers can access your task). It is offered as a free service to anyone who uses psiTurk.


To do anything beyond local testing a account is currently required.

Creating a account

The first step in using is to sign up with your email address. A free account can be created at

Obtaining API credentials

To prevent your email and password from being passed repeatedly over the Internet when using, you access the API services using an API key (similar to how you interface with Amazon Mechanical Turk). To obtain your personal API keys login to ( On the main dashboard page, select the blue dropdown menu on the top right hand side of the page (shows your email address) and select “API Keys”. Copy these keys into your ~/.psiturkconfig file.


At any time you can regenerate these keys on the same page by pressing the “Regenerate API Keys” button.


At that point any old keys will no longer work, and you will need to update your ~/.psiturkconfig file again. This way