help command


help <command>

The help command displays a list of valid psiturk shell commands. Entering help followed by the name of a command brings up information about that command.


  1. List all commands:

    [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ help

    psiTurk command help: ===================== amt_balance debug mode server config download_datafiles open setup_example version db hit psiturk_status status worker

    basic CMD command help: ======================= EOF ed help li py run shortcuts _load edit hi list q save show _relative_load eof history load quit set cmdenvironment exit l pause r shell

psiTurk commands are listed first, followed by commands inherited from the python cmd2 module. More information about cmd2 commands can be found here.

  1. View the help menu for a command and its subcommands:

    [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ help server

    server on server off server restart server log server help

    ‘server’ is used with the following subcommands:

    on Start server. Will not work if server is already running. off Stop server. May take several seconds. restart Run ‘server off’, followed by ‘server on’. log Open live server log in a separate window. help Display this screen.


With commands with subcommands such as server, you can also view the help screen by entering <command> help. For example, server help has the same effect at help server.