The psiTurk shell prompt

The psiTurk shell prompt looks something like this:

[psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$

and contains several pieces of useful information.

Server field

The server field will generally be set to on or off and denotes whether the experiment server is running. If the server field says unknown, this likely means that a server process is running from an improperly closed previous psiTurk shell session. In this case, you may need to manually kill the processes in the terminal or restart your terminal session.

Mode field

The mode field displays the current mode of the shell. In the full psiturk shell, the mode will be either sdbx (sandbox) or live. While in cabin mode, the mode will be listed as cabin. More about the psiturk shell mode can be found here.

#HITs field

The #HITs field displays the number of HITs currently active, either in the worker sandbox when in sandbox mode or on the live AMT site when in live mode. The #HITs field is not displayed in cabin mode.