server command + subcommands


The server command is used with a variety of subcommands to control the experiment server.

server on

Start the experiment server.


[psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ server on
Experiment server launching...
Now serving on http://localhost:22362
[psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$

server off

Shut down the experiment server.


[psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ server off
Shutting down experiment server at pid 32911...
Please wait. This could take a few seconds.
[psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$

server restart

Runs server off, followed by server on.

server log

Opens the server log in a separate window. Uses on Max OS X and xterm on other systems.