mode command


mode <which>

The mode command controls the current mode of the psiTurk shell. Type mode live or mode sandbox to switch to either mode, or simply mode to switch to the opposite mode. The current mode affects almost every psiturk shell command. For example, running hit create while in sandbox mode will create a HIT in the sandbox, while running it in live mode will create a HIT on the live AMT site. Similarly, commands like worker list all or hit list all will list assignments and HITs from either the live site or the sandbox, depending on your mode.


Switching the psiturk shell mode while the server is running requires the server to restart, since at the end of the experiment participants need to be correctly redirected back to either the live AMT site or the sandbox. Therefore, you should not change modes while you are serving a live HIT to workers.


  1. Switching mode, with and without <which> specifier:

    [psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ mode
    Entered live mode
    [psiTurk server:off mode:live #HITs:0]$ mode sandbox
    Entered sandbox mode
    [psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$
  2. Switching mode with the server running:

    [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ mode
    Switching modes requires the server to restart. Really switch modes? y or n: y
    Entered live mode
    Shutting down experiment server at pid 33447...
    Please wait. This could take a few seconds.
    Experiment server launching...
    Now serving on http://localhost:22362
    [psiTurk server:on mode:live #HITs:0]$

    Type n instead to abort the mode switch harmlessly.